Jul 3, 2009

Jack Cole Bonanza at Fabuleous Fifties Blog!

Dutch television writer and comic book collector and historian, Ger Apeldoorn, has a wonderful blog on the great old comics called The Fabuleous Fifties. Currently, Ger offers 8 valuable, vicariously vertigo-inducing postings on Jack Cole here.

Just in case you're hesitating to jump over to a new blog, let me give you a Cole-like SHOVE in this direction. Ger has posted beautiful scans of a wonderful MIDNIGHT story, 10 pages of Cole's WINDY BREEZE 1-pagers from National Comics, and some of his late-career horror stories from Web of Evil.

As if that weren't enough, he also shares from his own collection 3 rare color Sundays of BETSY AND ME that were not included in the recent Fantagraphics reprint book of Cole's newspaper comic strip and last major work (as well as an informed review of the book).

You'll find lots of great comics and insightful articles there. Be sure to check out the 40+ postings on one of my favorite little-known guys, Quality comics writer/artist and editor Gill Fox, who was a friend of Jack Cole.

What are you doing still reading this... get on over there!

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