Dec 16, 2012

A Rare Jack Cole Playboy Style Cutie Pie Cartoon (1956)


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Today's Cole in your stocking offering is another resplendent Jack Cole cover. Supplied by a fellow Jack Cole fan, this cover is from an unknown issue of The Freelancer. It seems a safe bet that this is the back cover art to issue number 2 (1956), which featured the very informative and cool spread on Jack Cole. I've published this Freelancer article earlier in the blog,. For your convenience and continued amusement, here 'tis again:

In 1956, Jack Cole was very likely the most-admired freelancer in the American cartoon world. His breakthrough success in Hugh Hefner's Playboy was the dream of every freelance cartoonist - although few had the talent and drive of a Jack Cole. 

At the bottom of the second page of the article above, we see a note to check out the back cover to see a "typical Jack Cole cutie-pie drawn in his popular 'PLAYBOY' magazine technique."

For the first time on this blog, I'm pleased to present that back cover:

This art appears to have a faint Christmas holiday feel to it -- with the "jingle cowbell" necklace and Xmas green coloring. Alas, we have no month listed on any of these pages. In any case, although the art is done in Cole's Playboy style, there can be little doubt that he did this cartoon especially for The Freelancer, since the lovely "belle" is reading an issue of said magazine!

Many thanks to the kind reader who shared this image for us all to enjoy.

Check back tomorrow as we post another rare Jack Cole find!

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  1. I think you left the word "little" out of the long sentence under the "cutie pie." (there can be little doubt...)

    One of those things so easy to do in the heat of the blogging moment, but an essential word is missin'!

    Great posts. I look forward to the rest of Cole-Mass!

  2. Thanks, Frank, for the proofing comment. I've made the correction. As I always say, the pudding is in the proof!


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