Dec 22, 2012

Jack Cole's Second DEATH PATROL From Military Comics 2 (1941): A New Paper Scan!

 DAY 9 

 12 days of NEW Jack Cole finds! 
 Posted every day until Dec. 25th 

Earlier this year, in a moment of temporary insanity, I bought a low-grade copy of Military Comics #2, which features the second Jack Cole Death Patrol story. Currently, there's no good scan of this issue in circulation. I've written about this morbid, screwball back-up feature of Cole's in previous postings. Overall, the Cole Death Patrols rank among the most accelerated and nutty comics he ever did -- perhaps because he was cramming 15 page stories into 6 pages.

As a special holiday treat, here's a nice paper scan of Jack Cole's Death Patrol story from Military Comics #2 (September, 1941). Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for more rare Cole finds!

Season's Bleatings,
Paul Tumey

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