Dec 21, 2012

More New Jack Cole Gems From 1955

 DAY 8 

 12 days of NEW Jack Cole finds! 
 Posted every day until Dec. 25th 

Presenting two more dusty gems from Jack Cole's 1955 appearances in H-K Publications. For the dope on H-K, and more of these great cartoons, check out my previous COLE-MISS postings from the last few days here and here.

One thing that I appreciate so much about these cartoons is the delicate line work. Comics master Alex Toth visted Jack Cole at Quality Comics. Just a youngster, Toth was allowed to sit with Cole as he inked a Plastic Man cover. Toth remembered that Cole used a very thin brush, and had a remarkable facility with it. You can see Cole's skill with a brush in these cartoons.

Appeal: If there's anyone out there who would like to plug this 12 Days of Cole event, please feel free! Currently, there's been a low number of hits per post and only one comment (which I appreciate)  -- so I think these new finds are remaining largely undiscovered. 

Aside from the high quality of the line work, Cole's cartoons are delightfully offbeat in their choice of subject matter. 

The first of today's offerings deals with the see-saw nature of life as it pertains to parenthood. One moment, a child is being annoying -- the next, you want him to tug on your shirt! One of 100 or so cartoons in the March, 1955 issue of Smiles, Cole's cartoon is the only one to present a child.

From Smiles - March, 1955 (Collection Paul Tumey)

Our second lump o' Cole for your Xmas stocking deals with the fantasy/reality dichotomy of the television experience -- something that was evident to Jack Cole, even in the early days of television.

From Smiles - March, 1955 (Collection Paul Tumey)

Tomorrow - a change of pace as I share a BRAND NEW paper scan of a classic Jack Cole story from a comic book that sells for over $3,000 in near mint condition.

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